This Yii2 Action component provides a very basic way on how to use the QrCodeComponent wrapper in Yii applications. Its configuration is quite simple, we just have to configure:

  • text: This is the default text to display if no parameter is found. If you don't wish to render anything if not passed via the request parameter, then do not set this property.
  • param: This is the request parameter name that the action will observe to display text. If none is found, then it will display the value of text if found.
  • method: Whether to look for the param on get or post request params. Defaults to get.
  • component: The QrCodeComponent name as configured in our application.


// On our controller  
public function actions()
    return [
        'qr' => [
            'class' => QrCodeAction::className(),
            'text' => 'https://2am.tech',
            'param' => 'v',
            'commponent' => 'qr' // if configured in our app as `qr` 

See QrCodComponent.

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