Laravel Blade Component

This library realeases a blade component to make it easy to build qrcode with the Laravel Framework.

Before get started, make sure you have the class \Da\QrCode\Providers\QrCodeServiceProvider::class listed on you config/app.php file, on providers section.

    'providers' => [

With the provider set, we can create a qrcode using the 2am-qrcode blade component. It has only content as a required field.

<x-2am-qrcode :content="'2am. Technologies'"/>

We can also define the qrcode format. To do so, you must specify the format attribute with a constant from \Da\QrCode\Enum\Format and the content as an array, fulfilling the data for the designed format as specified in the format docs.

To work with colors (background, foreground and gradient foreground), you set the attributes background, foregroud and foreground2 (for gradient foreground) as an array having the keys r, g, b (and a to set alpha on foreground, but it's optional).

$background = [
    'r' => 200,
    'g' => 200,
    'b' => 200,

$foreground = [
    'r' => 0,
    'b' => 255,
    'g' => 0,

$foreground2 = [
    'r' => 0,
    'b' => 0,
    'g' => 255,

$content = [
    'title' => '2am. Technologies',
    'url' => '',

All blade component attributes:

Attribute Description Data Type
content Defines the qrcode's data string; array
format Defines the qrcode's format \Da\QrCode\Enum\Format
foreground Defines the qrcode`s foreground base color array (r, g, b, a)
background Defines the qrcode's background color array (r, g, b, a)
foreground2 Defines the qrcode's foreground end color (turns to gradient) array (r, g, b, a)
pathStyle Defines the qrcode's path style \Da\QrCode\Enum\Path
intensity Defines the path style intensity float, from 0.1 to 1
margin Defines the qrcode's margin int
size Defines the qrcode's size int
logoPath Set a image to be displayed in the qrcode's center string; it should be full path
logoSize Set the qrcode's logo size. int. Recomended size is 16% from qrcode's size
scaleLogoHeight Set if the logo's image should be scaled instead of croped to square shape bool. Default is false
gradientType Defines the gradient type \Da\QrCode\Enums\Gradient
label Defines the qrcode's label string
font Defines the label font string. It should be full path
fontSize Defines the label font size int
fontAlign Defines the label alignment \Da\QrCode\Label