The purpose of this format is to enable users to display a QrCode to easily make payments to the specified wallet.

Attributes of this class:

  • name: Label for that address (e.g. name of receiver)
  • address: bitcoin address
  • message: message that describes the transaction to the user (see examples below)
  • amount: amount of base bitcoin units


use Da\QrCode\QrCode;
use Da\QrCode\Format\BtcFormat; 

$format = new BtcFormat(['address' => '175tWpb8K1S7NmH4Zx6rewF9WQrcZv245W', 'amount' => 1, 'name' => 'antonio']);

$qrCode = new QrCode($format);

header('Content-Type: ' . $qrCode->getContentType());

echo $qrCode->writeString();

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