Advance Usage

When setting multiple options to the QrCode instance, we have to remember that this class provides immutability. That is, every time we change an attribute it returns a cloned copy of the instance.

Immutability: The true constant is change. Mutation hides change. Hidden change manifests chaos. Therefore, the wise embrace history. Source - The Dao of Immutability

Remembering that fact, we can configure and use our instance like this:

// A label can be a string OR a Da\Contracts\LabelInterface instance. 
// Using the instance, we will have more control on how do we want the label to be displayed.
// Immutability also applies to this class! 
$label = (new Label('2amigos'))
    ->setFont(__DIR__ . '/../resources/fonts/monsterrat.otf')

$qrCode = (new QrCode(''))
    ->setLogo(__DIR__ . '/data/logo.png')
    ->setForegroundColor(51, 153, 255)
    ->setBackgroundColor(200, 220, 210)
    ->setLogoWidth(48) // recommended to be 16% of qrcode width

$qrCode->writeFile(__DIR__ . '/codes/my-code.png');

By default, the logo image height will be transformed to fit the image width, keeping a square shaped pattern. You can choose to scale the height instead:

$qrCode = (new QrCode(''))
    ->setLogo(__DIR__ . '/data/logo.png')

Gradient Foreground

You can easily change from uniform to gradient color by setting the range limit for you gradient for using the method setForegroundEndColor. When you do this, the color you've set for the foreground using setForegroundColor function will be taken as the start point for the gradient color.

$qrCode = (new QrCode(''))
    ->setForegroundColor(0, 255, 0, 70)
    ->setForegroundEndColor(0, 0, 255, 50);

By default, it will render the gradient color using a vertical orientation. You can change it by the setGradientType function. It takes one parameter to determine witch gradient type must be set. The available types are:

  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\ColorsInterface::GRADIENT_VERTICAL
  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\ColorsInterface::GRADIENT_HORIZONTAL
  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\ColorsInterface::GRADIENT_RADIAL
  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\ColorsInterface::GRADIENT_DIAGONAL
  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\ColorsInterface::GRADIENT_INVERSE_DIAGONAL
$qrCode = (new QrCode(''))
    ->setForegroundColor(0, 255, 0, 70)
    ->setForegroundEndColor(0, 0, 255, 50)

Foreground Path Style

It is possible to change the foreground path style by using the setPathStyle function. The default style will be the square pattern, and the available styles are the following:

  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\PathStyleInterface::SQUARE;
  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\PathStyleInterface::DOTS;
  • \Da\QrCode\Contracts\PathStyleInterface::ROUNDED;
$qrCode = (new QrCode(''))

You can also set the intensity for the pattern appliance:

$qrCode = (new QrCode(''))

The default value for the intensity is 1. It must be a number between 0 and 1, otherwise an exception will be thrown.

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