Laravel File Route

This library realeases a blade component to make it easy to build qrcode with the Laravel Framework.

Before get started, make sure you have the class \Da\QrCode\Providers\QrCodeServiceProvider::class listed on you config/app.php file, on providers section.

    'providers' => [

The file route is registered as /da-qrcode/build and it has only one required parameter: content.

You can test this resource by accessing the endpoint, e.g /da-qrcode/build?content=2am. Technologies

As optional parameters it has:

  • label;
  • margin; and
  • size

Here is a complete sample of usage:

<img src="/da-qrcode/build?content=2am.%20Technologies&margin=25&size=500&label=2am.%20Technologies"/>

<!-- or -->
<img src="{{route(
        'content' => '2am ',
        'size' => 500,
        'margin' => 25,
        'label' => '2am. Technologies'